Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Linux Mag's Top 10 Sys Admin Articles of 2008

With 2008 coming to an end, everyone is starting to put out their "Top" lists. I saw the announcement today in my Inbox that Linux Magazine posted its Top 10 Sys Admin Articles of 2008. Unfortuantely, the links to articles requires registration, but it's free. The two articles on ZFS interest me the most, and I want to refresh myself on the "port knocking" article. I forget where I've heard about port knocking before. I'm pretty sure it was a couple years ago though.

It also made me realize I miss reading physical magazines over online copies. Then again, I rarely read the ones I get in the mail now. It's amazing how technology changes things.

On a totally unrelated note, I just wanted to share a good laugh about Matt Simmons' comment on a blog post about having multiple superusers on the VMware ESX server.

"Once, many many moons ago, probably near the peak of my danger curve, I got tired of su’ing all the time, so I just changed my uid to 0 in the passwd file. That was fun."

I can't explain why it struck me as funny as it did, but that was probably the funniest thing I've read today.

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