Thursday, August 28, 2008

Unhappy with Red Hat

Right now, I'm not happy with Red Hat. At least not with their sales department.

My group is interested in the capabilities of Red Hat Satellite Server, so I was going to try to obtain a trial license and download it. As far as I know, we don't have any RHEL licenses in our department. I'm sure somewhere in the company we do, since we have thousands of employees, but I sincerely doubt I'll be able to track that account down, and even then, doubt I can use it for access to the Red Hat Network. So, I applied for a trial license of RHEL and was hoping through that entry into RHN, I could also get a trial of Satellite Server. I still couldn't find that as a download, so I've made a couple of attempts to submit requests through their website on how I could evaluate their Satellite Server. No response. I would think sales people would jump at the chance to talk to a warm body that offered up their contact information.

I know there's Spacewalk, and I am interested in that. Unfortunately, it's only supported on RHEL5 compatible OS's. Our standard hasn't included RHEL5 yet; and they aren't open to "exceptions".

Any suggestions? Are there other resale vendors I could talk to that would let me have a 30 day evaluation to download and run Satellite for RHEL4?


Reamer77 said...


I ended up calling their main sales number and was put in touch with a sales person. I now have my eval license.

Mestizo said...

You ever end up checking out Spacewalk? Just ran across it and it looks kind of cool. Curious about using it to manage about 30+ CentOS servers.

Reamer77 said...


I wanted to try Spacewalk, but it requires a RHEL5 derivative OS. We (but not my dept) roll our own OS from the RHEL source packages, and they haven't gotten around to creating an approved release using RHEL5. Using non-approved releases are not an option, so my Spacewalk eval died.

As far as Satellite goes, we use Oracle 10g, and Satellite requires 9i. Our DBAs were not interested in creating a 9i instance. Satellite has been shelved as well.

It's kind of frustrating. Too "modern" on the database end (although 10g has been out for a while), and too antiquated on the OS end (although only a release behind).

mondarino said...

You can use Suse Manager..