Monday, August 20, 2007

Is Usenet Dead?

I may have missed the countless articles, Slashdot posts, etc. (would anyone be surprised, or as one of my colleagues keeps saying to me, "OLD!"). For some reason (okay, I was looking up music album easter eggs), I came across a link to an group and made me think of the "good old days" when customers would ask UUNET to basically max out their T1/T3 with Usenet newsfeeds. I started digging around, and noticed aside from the occasional spam posts, newsgroups seem to be dead.

Did everything now go to Wikis, blogs, collaborative web groups (i.e. Yahoo! Groups), and BitTorrents (R.I.P. alt.binaries); and I just didn't notice?

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Reamer77 said...


Apparently, discussing this with an old co-worker of mine, Usenet is still alive and kicking. Not so much as collaboration and discussion, but alt.binaries.* (what else?!?!).

From our IM discussion

Co-worker: :)
Me: ah HA
Co-worker: usenet > *
Me: how do you download from newzbin?
Co-worker: need a newsreader
Co-worker: i use newsleecher
Co-worker: and you need an account with a high speed newshost (giganews,
Me: rats. so not free
Co-worker: nope
Co-worker: 15/mo
Co-worker: all you can download
Co-worker: it's the *expletive*
Me: and I thought Usenet was dead
Co-worker: *expletive* no
Co-worker: you can get anything
Me: well, I guess it's not really used anymore for discussion tho, eh?
Me: I was looking around and stuff, and it seemed dead or spam
Co-worker: yah
Co-worker: it's all alt.binaries.*