Monday, July 16, 2007

Corrupted MS Entourage 2004

In a rush to leave the office on Friday, I closed my Mac Book Pro and didn't bother shutting down my apps (including Microsoft Entourage 2004). Much to my dismay this Monday morning, my Entourage would start to have strange errors and wouldn't allow me to open anything in the client or close message windows. Eventually, I would force Entourage to quit, and get the "do you want to submit this error" window. Clicking on "Details" I would see


Apparently, I corrupted the local database for my Entourage 2004 client. I found this post to a newsgroup via Google with the answer. The abbreviated fix is

1. Start the Database Utility. To do this, hold down the OPTION key on the keyboard, and then start Entourage. The Database Utility window opens. In the Database Utility window, you have the option to select the database that you want to maintain.

2. Run the "Verify database integrity." If problems are found, you can select the option to rebuild the database.

After I rebuilt the database, Entourage started up and proceeded to download my mail again from our Exchange server.


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